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MoruCel: Mulberry Leaf Extract of 2% 1-DNJ
MoruCelTM – New Choice for Diabetics
Frequently Question & Answers

Question Index:
1.   What is MoruCelTM?
2.    What is the advantage of MoruCelTM?
3.    How MoruCelTM work?
4.    In vitro study sustains effectiveness of MoruCelTM.
5.    In vivo study sustains effectiveness of MoruCelTM.
6.    The main quality data of MoruCelTM
7.    Is MoruCelTM a pharmaceutical?
8.    Is MoruCelTM safe?
9.    What is the effective component in MoruCelTM?
10.   How to use MoruCelTM?
11.   What form of MoruCelTM is available?
Question with answers:
1.   What is MoruCelTM?
MoruCelTM is the material extracted from mulberry leaf for helping Type II diabetes. It was developed by Hill Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd through a long term project. The current research shows that it can help diabetics decrease the postprandial blood glucose value, and the effects are superior to the general alpha-glucosidase inhibitors (AGIs).
2.   What is the advantage of MoruCelTM?
When we compare MoruCelTM with other alpha-glucosidase inhibitors through below table, we can easily find the advantage of MoruCelTM:
      Compare items
Inhibition to α-glucosidase
Promotion to the secretion of insulin
Side effect on gastrointestine
General AGIs
3.   How MoruCelTM work?
MoruCelTMworks through below mechanism:
(1)   Reduce the high peak value of the postprandial blood glucose through inhibiting the 
        activity of secondary carbohydrate degradation enzyme and refraining disaccharide 
        absorption in intestine;
(2)   Promote ß cells to secrete insulin, and then advance the carbohydrate use of cells and 
        the liver glycogen synthesis, as well as improve the carbohydrate metabolism, and finally 
        achieve the purpose of reducing the blood glucose;
(3)   Inhibit the multiplication of harmful bacteria and relive the abdominal symptoms of bowel 
        sound, exhaust and abdominal distention through increasing the acidity 
       of intestinal contents, and to depress side effect in gastrointestinal.
4.    In vitro study sustains effectiveness of MoruCelTM.


5.    In vivo study sustains effectiveness of MoruCelTM.

                               MoruCelTM's affect to Normal Rat's Glucose Tolerance

6. The main quality data of MoruCelTM:

Product Name
Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder (MoruCel)
Botanical Name
Morus Alba
Plant Part Used
Dried leaves
Extract Ratio
Around 100:1
Fine brown powder
Identification Method
Mark Component
NLT 2.0% 1-deoxynojirimycin by HPLC
Particular Size
NLT 95% pass 80 mesh screen
Soluble in water
Solvent Used
70% ethanol and 30% purified water
Carrier Used
Method of Drying
Spray drying
Acidy Insoluble Ash
NMT 3.0%
NMT 5.0%
Heavy Metal
NMT 20ppm
Total Bacteria
NMT 1000/gram
Mold and Yeast
NMT 100/gram
NMT 100/gram
E. Colifrom
25kg per drum, inside double plies vinyl pack
To be stored in cool and dry place
Re-Test Date
24 months
7.   Is MoruCelTM a pharmaceutical?
Currently, it is an ingredient of nutritional supplement. Although some of its performances are even better than some approved pharmaceutical, it could only be considered as an active natural ingredient before it has come through heavy and complicated application, long time examination and approval procedure of pharmaceutical.
We are now conducting continuous study on it with efforts to develop it into a formal approved drug in an early day.
8.   Is MoruCelTM safe?
In China, Mulberry leaves have been used for thousands of years as a food material for clearing away heat. The earliest written records can be traced back to the book "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" in 1800 years ago.
Nowadays, mulberry leaf is included in the " Medicinal and Alimental Materials List" announced by the Chinese Ministry of Health, all the materials in that list is considered to be safely used as food, while they will also be helpful for human health – licorice, ginger, honey, and black sesame are also in that list . So its safety is worthy of our trust.
A report from Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Prevention and Control shows LD50 data of MoruCel beyonds·bw, and prove it is innocuous.
9.   What is the effective component in MoruCelTM?
Not really. In fact MoruCelTM is a mixture, in addition to 2% 1-deoxynojirimycin, there also contained several other active components, which were all from mulberry leaves. The core technology of MoruCelTM is to regulate and control the all active compounds in the best proportion, and achieves the expectable effectiveness through their synergism.
10.   How touse MoruCelTM ?
To encapsule it or make into tablet, or take orally, equivalent to 300mg~400mg per time before meal or together with foods.
11.  What form of MoruCelTM is available?
We have powder and granule, and we can also make tablet and capsule at customer's requests. 

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