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Unique natural ingredients for blood sugar balancing,weight management, performance enhancing and much more. 


MoruCelTM  — New Choice for Diabetics

MoruCelTM is compound extracted from mulberry leaf. It is considered as a superior ingredient to help Type II diabetics decrease the postprandial blood glucose value. Comparing with general α-glucosidase inhibitors (AGIs), it has below specialties:

-  New;

-  Similar effectiveness;

-   Less side effects;

-   Much cheaper.


Magou - VTM  — Luo Han Guo Extract of 40% Mogroside V

Luo Han Guo (Siraitia grosvenorii) extract is getting more and more interest in the food industry for its high sweetness (around 300 times as sweet as sugar), low calorie and it being a  natural source. Used in China for thousands of years, Luo Han Guo is generally regarded as safe and especially suitable for people who can not take sugar because of obesity, high blood sugar and or high blood pressure.

Our Luo Han Guo Extract - Magou-VTM is manufactured using our special technique starting from superior raw fruit and going through a strict process control to make its sweet taste pure, indifferent and continuous. Unlike Luo Han Guo Extract of some other brands, Magou-VTM will not interrupt the primary flavor of the original; therefore it is an ideal sweeteners!


HefteekTM — Fenugreek Seed Extract of 50% Furostanol Saponins

HefteekTM is the brand name of our Fenugreek Seed Extract with 50% Furostanol Saponins. It can improve testosterone levels through promoting an organism to produce Luteinizinghormone (LH) and dehydrogenase. With the FDA prohibiting prohormone, HefteekTM is an excellent substitute to legally help athletes improve strength, maintain stamina and gain weight. Some reports also show it having positive effects in sexual functions.

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